Quarter circle in back yard,
subermiserable pump, 110 v, 1.25" discharge, output about 50 gallons / minute.
depth 30 inches
about 8 feet wide
Falls cascade 4 feet.

#4 rebar tied in 6" squares placed against block wall and shot with concrete.
Front side made from concrete blocks, moartar washed and coated. (no liners).
Sub. Pump attached to pool backwash hose and
attached to a skimmer with basket that sits loose on the bottom.

Iris and Taro (left) sit on raised area above the waterline. Iris on top are not planted, they grow
in a 5 inch wide area against a 6 inch backing with decorative rocks in front.
Penny wart grows freely throughout area.
Ferns are Kimberly and Dallas ferns.
Cape Honeysuckle arch over the top of the pond on the south West dide shading pond.
Jackeranda (left) shades east side.

Did not include drain.
Pond continually rises due to irrigation of plants and needs to be partially drained every
couple of weeks to prevent overflow.

Originally did not have enough shade on pond to prevent algae from collecting on waterfall.