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December 9, 2017
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The December 2017 GPPS meeting was held on Saturday at the home of Richard and Pet Smith in Chandler.

The meeting was called to order at 11:19 am by Don Shaw.

Introduced meeting host: Pet Smith.

Host pond information: They currently have both a pond out front and a larger one in back. The pond streams through lush plantings of flowers and plants.

Guest Speaker: No speaker.

Pond Club business or updates:

2017 Officers " Current President Don Shaw thanked everyone for their support during his term. New President Ron Christensen is looking forward to the new year and hopes for help from everyone.

" Vice-President Judy Restad was not here. New Vice-President Rita Karsten is collecting names for the next pond tour.

" Treasurer, Annie Foster: Not at meeting.

" Secretary, Sue Beard. Nothing at this time.

" Events Coordinator, Chris Krum: Not at meeting. Susan Stowe, new coordinator, has Rob Lang from Pond Perfectors speaking at the next meeting.

" Newsletter Editor, Tanya Brown: Not at meeting.

" Librarian, Jeff Karsten: Library is open.

" Webmaster, Dennis Beard. Nothing at this time.

" Future meeting: Jamie Coffee in Mesa. " Dues are due for 2018.
Raffle: Susan Stowe won the raffle. The meeting was adjourned at 11:50 for pot-luck lunch.

Respectfully submitted: Sue Beard

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