Phoenix Koi Rescue is a newly-formed organization located in Phoenix which helps to re-locate Koi and Goldfish to new locations where they will be nurtured and adopted.  One of our members, David  “Shorty”  Routh is the founder and several GPPS members help with the rescues.  His volunteer group has rescued fish from golf courses, private ponds, and even aquariums when the fish outgrow their space.


If you would like to volunteer, send Shorty an email, with your name, email address  and phone number and you will be added to the notification list.  Most rescues take place on Saturdays around 8:00 am.


If you know of koi and goldfish which need to be rescued, or if you are called by a non-member, please notify Shorty at 602-354-4738 or by email. Pickups and adoptions are free and there is no fee to join nor any obligation to do anything.


To date the group has rescued:

             Koi: 3"-18" size range = 160
                    18"+ size range = 95
             Goldfish / Comets / Shubunkins = 57












The  September meeting will be held Saturday, September 8th 9:00 am at the home of Bill and Gay Reeves.  The Reeves live at  740 S. 87th Way in Mesa (480-380-3478)  The meeting topic will be “Turtles & Other Reptiles”.    Please bring your own lawn chairs.   


Directions:  From the North 202, take the Power Road exit

south to Broadway.  Turn East (left) on Broadway to 86th

Street.  Turn South (right) on 86th Street and bear left at

the “Y” onto 87th Way.  Go to 740 S. 87th Way


From the US60, take the Power Road exit north  to B

roadway.  Turn East  (right) on Broadway to 86th Street.

Turn South (right) on 86th Street and bear left at the

“Y” into 87th Way.  Go to 740 S. 87th Way