The May meeting was held at the home of Deborah & Mike Hazel.  The Hazels have a year and a half old 4000 gallon pond with a 4-part waterfall.  They have a variety of goldfish and several varieties of water lilies.  Also a lotus (which unfortunately wasn’t in bloom). 

     There was a lively discussion of heron management/protection.  Several people have tried various methods of protection.  The Scarecrow seemed to be a popular device. Overhanging rocks and trip wires were other considerations.

      A bog island was raffled off and Tom Briggs was the winner.

     All the monies were not in from the Pond Tour, but the two nurseries sold $180 worth of tickets, 1 member had $55, and Pet & Pond had $20.  Hopefully there will be a complete balance available for the June meeting.

     Arne Grant reminded members of the 26th Annual Koi Show and Tour.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to view the show here in Phoenix.

     Many members availed themselves of the numerous free water plants brought by members.






Proceeds benefit Friends for Life.

June 9  MEETING—9:00 a.m.












The GPPS May meeting will be held Saturday, June 9th at the home of Elizabeth and Doug Good. The meeting will begin at 9:00 am. The Goods live at 21955 N. 74th Avenue, Glendale (623-388-3590). The program

will be a photo contest and a speaker on waterfall

sculpture.  Please bring your mounted photos

to be judged (or just for members to see).


Directions:  Off the 101 freeway 75th Ave exit, drive

north on 75th Ave,  crossing Deer Valley to Louise

Drive (about 300 yards on the right).  Turn right at

74th Lane, left on Los Gatos Drive,

right at 74th Avenue.