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1. Use AlgaeFix to eliminate existing problems more quickly


1. Use AlgaeFix to eliminate existing problems more quickly


1. Use AlgaeFix to eliminate existing problems more quickly










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Creating a Natural Pond

No matter how large or impressive, to create a natural look a water garden must be in harmony with the larger landscape. Very rarely do you see in nature an edge or a clear demarcation between two different environments. There is a gradual transition where one environment mingles with another. Softening and blurring the water's edge and gradually extending plant materials into the larger landscape helps create a soothing, uniform pondscape reminiscent of nature.


Create a natural looking water garden by carefully positioning plants in strategic locations. Incorporate the notion of foreground, midground, and background to the proposed pondscape. Use floating plants and shorter marginal plants as foreground plants and taller marginal plants and grasses to fill the midground or even the background. Existing shrubs, located further away from the pond, also serve as the background for the entire pondscape.


Positioning shorter plants near the edge of the pond allows an unobstructed view while the gradual planting of taller plants allows a smooth visual transition, gently drawing the eye from the water garden to the greater landscape. The effect is a soothing, unbroken view that makes the water garden a harmonious part of the landscape.

Reprinted from drsfostersmith.com


Submerged lighting can create beautiful effects. Dancing colors across rippling water. A soft glow against nearby trees and shrubs. When using submerged lights, you need to locate them carefully to avoid over-exposure of the pond liner, pots, pumps, and hoses. Also, you will need to maintain water quality so that algae and other contaminants do not cloud the beauty of your lighting effects.