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    Sandy Charveze-James

    "Pond Happenings"

    NOVEMBER 2006 Newsletter

    The November meeting was held at the Japanese Friendship Garden. Quite a few members attended and were divided into two groups for the tour. The koi pond is 550,000 gallons and was built in the park which sits over the deck park tunnel. Many steps were taken to protect the mechanics from water such as moisture sensors, liners, etc. The water that feeds the pond is typical City of Phoenix tap water which is filtered and flows into a tank where it is mixed with liquid oxygen before it enters the pond. The day of the meeting the pond was quite green (see even the pros have problems with green water!) The walking tour was designed to recreate the world from the Japanese perspective. The first area is the seashore, then the grasslands, then the woodlands and finally the mountains. It was also designed as a “hide and reveal” garden. There are elements that cannot be seen until the observer is in just the right spot. The pond is 12 feet deep and 18 inches in depth under the bridge that crosses the center of the pond. There were many beautiful, large koi — some unusual ones came from Japan. After the tour the business meeting was held. Chair reports were given. The Secretary reported that a realtor had contacted her about advertising in our newsletter. It was agreed that membership in the GPPS would be necessary and that the ad would be small and a fee might be charged.

    Please take a moment to view the pictures. Japanese Friendship Gardens November 11, 2006.