Text Box: A Monthly Newsletter 
Published by the Greater Phoenix Pond Society


     A second pond is a small preformed one which holds about 220 gallons. Its original occupants were polliwogs and turtles but the polliwogs morphed into frogs and migrated around to the other water gardens. The turtles have migrated also, looking for more spacious living quarters. In addition, they have a half barrel full of cattails and another water garden full of Egyptian papyrus.

     The theme of the meeting will be our annual photo contest.  Bring your

best pictures. See page 3 for guidelines.


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     The meeting on July 8th was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by President Clyde Parks. He welcomed new members. Clyde reminded people that society dues are $15.00 for the remainder of the year. Tee shirts can be purchased for $11 for the standard T, $16 for womens v-neck and $26 for the polo shirt. The second weekend in August was announced to be a field trip. Clyde passed out flyers for members to choose a location. Elaine Dempsey won the raffle.

     Clyde brought up the possibility of doing a fall pond tour that would be held in the evening. This idea will be up for a vote at the September meeting.

     Ed reported the balance in the GPPS account which included memberships and

pond tour assets. Nancy reported that

the September meeting will be the annual photo contest and that the October meeting will be in Ahwatukee. She is still looking for a speaker so send her ideas. The November meeting will be at the Japanese Friendship Garden and December will have a railroad theme at Don Hougue’s place. Susan and Ted Dean talked about their pond and their birds.

      David Ward was the speaker and he discussed native fish. He talked about the environmental changes that are threatening our fish populations and asked if pond owners would consider housing native fish in a time of need.

      Walnut Canyon was chosen as the site for the August field trip.


     The September meeting of the GPPS will be held on Saturday, September 9th at the home and ponds of Elizabeth and Doug Good.  The meeting will begin at 9:00 a.m..

     The Goods have two ponds. The large one with EPDM liner is about 4500 gallons and is home to about 13 koi and 13 goldfish. There is an upper pond with a two foot waterfall.

A second smaller waterfall has been added at the opposite

end of the pond amongst the plants  and a bridge separates the deep and shallow ends of the pond.