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    "Pond Happenings"

    FEBRUARY 2005 Newsletter

    Thanks to Lynn and Jeff Reno for hosting the February meeting on a day truly intended for ducks. The meeting was called to order by president Dan Stough. He announced that annual dues are payable now. Ed Tunstall reported the budget.

    Information regarding the Pond Tour will be posted on the website. Fran Thurber won the raffle and will receive her prize at the March meeting. Clyde Parks, vice president and chairman of the Pond Tour, reported that he still needs several ponds, preferably in the East Valley, to com-
    plete the tour. Clyde is also looking for a pond on the tour to be featured in a photo for the Arizona Republic. A motion was made and passed that the proceeds of the tour be donated to the Desert Botanical Gardens. Discussion ensued regarding paying speakers for society meetings. A motion was passed supporting $500 per year.

    Jeff Reno described his experiences in building his ponds. The small pond was dug by his son and the larger pond using his neighbor’s backhoe. The ponds are about 18 months old and they are inhabited by several sizable Koi. Lynn then described her method of treating Anka worm on her Koi.

    The speaker for the morning was Dan Stough. He provided a detailed presentation on constructing a pond. He provided a handout for all members which discussed how to calculate pond volume, size of pumps needed, amount of bio-media needed to prime the bio-filter and flow rate through the filter. In addition, he addressed waterfalls, skimmers and general pipe system information. There was a wealth of great information. Thanks Dan