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    Sandy Charveze-James

    "Pond Happenings"

    October 2004 Newsletter



    Although it was quite a hike up the street to the house, once there, it was well worth it. The house is located on the side of a mountain and the 180 degree view of the Valley below was amazing. We could even see that the roof of Bank One Ballpark was open! The ponds are beautiful and the one at the back of the house was built into the mountainside and has a waterfall coming down the mountain. There is a trail to hike to the top of the waterfall. During the meeting, a nice breeze was blowing in and a kestral flew over to see what was going on. President, Dan S., opened the meeting and the treasurer’s report was given. It was announced that a $500 donation had been made to Wild at Heart. Newsletter editor, Dianne E., announced that Fran T. had volunteered to take over the editor duties (Thanks, Fran!). Dan mentioned the possibility of emailing newsletters instead of printing and mailing them. This idea will be investigated further. The meeting was turned over to Wolfgang, who told us about his pond. He said that the rocks for his pond and waterfall were hauled down from his property in Prescott. They also have a pond there and of course, are planning to build a third pond at this location! A book was raffled off and our librarian, Terri C. was the lucky winner! The upcoming Master Gardeners Garden Festival was discussed and Clyde and Rita P. volunteered to man a booth that Saturday to help promote GPPS. (Thanks, Clyde and Rita!) Unfortunately, the speaker from Arizona Game & Fish was unable to attend the meeting, so our president, Dan, spoke about pond construction. He gave us many handy hints thanks to his extensive pond building experience. For instance, he has found that when placing the underlayment it helps to hang cut vertical pieces at the curves to cut down on large folds in those areas. Also, Dan suggests rolling the EPDM liner up on a pipe and then place the roll of liner at one end of the hole. Unroll it across the length of the hole letting it fall in. Several members also made suggestions based on their pond building experience. It was a very informative meeting. After the meeting, many members went home with a bag of apples from the host’s apple grove in Prescott!