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    Greater Phoenix Pond Society

    "Pond Happenings"

    January 2004 Newsletter



    JANUARY MEETING -The first meeting of 2004 will be held on Saturday, January 10 at 10:00 a.m. It will be held at Nancy and Henry Gostony's house in Phoenix. This pond was on the tour in June. There are two professionally built 400 gallon ponds connected by a stream. The ponds are home to koi, mosquito fish and three generations of red eared slider turtles. Most of the turtles are currently in hibernation. There is a two-foot high waterfall at one of the ponds that houses a biological filter and an in-ground skimmer/pump provides filtration. Bob Zaraneck from Paradise Ponds will be the guest speaker this month. He built the Gostony's ponds and will be talking about pond construction including sizing filters, waterfalls, streams, pumps, site selection and setting up a pond to require minimal maintenance. Please be sure to bring your lawn chairs.

    DECEMBER MEETING REVIEW It was a beautiful day for our first December meeting! Dan explained that Brad, our former webmaster, had our website connected to his and had been paying for the website out of pocket. He asked the group if anyone had any objections for the club to set up a separate website and pay for our own website and message board. The fees would be less than $20 per month. The motion was voted on and passed with a unanimous show of hands. Lydia reported that we will open a new account with a local web host and she would open another site. Then we would transfer the files from the old site to the new one. Our librarian, Terri Comey, announced that six books had been purchased and are available for borrowing. She will be purchasing subscriptions for two magazines. It was suggested that we get a subscription for the Koi Club's newsletter. We had another raffle of a "Water Gardens" book and the winner was Walter Thurber. Congratulations! The meeting was turned over to Larry, our meeting host. He explained that they have a cute rabbit that ate everything in the yard! It killed some large trees by grazing on the trunks, so a void was left in the middle of the yard. They decided to fill that void with a pond. Their spa was moved to the back and a hand built bridge was built across the pond. When the koi got too large, they decided that they would build another pond! It is nestled between a gazebo and their back porch. The second pond now houses the koi but has no plants while the first pond contains aquatic plants. Our president, Dan Stough was this month's speaker. He has built about five ponds and assisted others in building their own. He talked about basic pond construction steps. He discussed the use of liners and/or concrete, pond shapes and depths, vertical sides vs slope, materials for liners and underliners, materials for building waterfalls, tips on edging materials, boulders, artificial veneers, permits, and filters. He discussed possible need for professional plumbers, bobcat operators and electricians or contractors to complete your project properly. He demonstrated how to move, handle or position bulky rock and small boulders. He also demonstrated how to fold, unfold and position large liners. There was good audience participation and we all got some good ideas.