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    "Pond Happenings"

    September 2003 Newsletter


    SEPTEMBER MEETING Our September meeting will be held on Saturday, September 13 at 9:00 am at Sylvia Acuna's pond in Queen Creek. They have three ponds in the backyard of their one acre property. Building the first pond was actually Sylvia's son, Ruben's, idea. They now have three separate ponds! The first pond is a 100 gallon preformed liner and was installed in 1999. The second pond was built in 2000 and is a 480 gallon EPDM liner pond. The third pond is a 1200 gallon EPDM liner pond that was built in 2002. There are goldfish, mosquito minnows and a couple of frogs living in the ponds. Besides plants, there is no filtration of the pond. Their ponds are easy to care for-they pull out dead plant matter and top off the water and that's it! They also don't feed the fish. The subject of the meeting is pond retrofits, overhauls, and pool-pond conversions. Our guest speaker will be GPPS member, Rob Lang of The Pond Perfector.


    AUGUST MEETING REVIEW Fifty-one humans, six tortoises and turtles, one guest speaker. We all squeezed into Seth and Ann DeVergilio's backyard, which had recently been re-ponded in the two weeks prior to the meeting. Their pond was estimated at 2000 gallons, and had a nice waterfall and stream. The flow was fairly tranquil, so the water lilies were quite happy. The sandstone border and surrounding stepping stones had been placed by Ann whenever she got time off of her job at the veterinarian's office. She also pointed out the adjoining tortoise compound and her beautiful Leopard Spotted Tortoise. We blasted through the business part of the meeting in an effort to get done before the heat became intolerable. Dan announced that the check to the $500 Trees for the Rim donation would be mailed to them directly. Brad Jones mentioned that he finally got some help getting the message board back up on the GPPS website and that we should keep checking that. Dan reviewed future meetings. He also mentioned that he had been contacted by the owner of a future pond store, Pond Supplies of America that will be opening an outlet store in the Paradise Valley Mall this fall. The owner is soliciting suggestions regarding inventory that we would like to see in a full-on pond store. NOW IS OUR CHANCE FOLKS. Let's get the supplies that we have to send for by mail or have to drive to Tucson to get. Send your suggestions for pond store inventory to Dan Stough: To be fair, we will send the same list to Berridge Nurseries who is also going to be carrying a more expanded inventory, catering to pond owners and contractors. Ed Tunstall brought us a sleek looking black California Desert Tortoise, a mature red-eared slider, and a Common Box Turtle (aka Speedy Gonzales). He talked about his years of raising tortoises and turtles. Ann brought out a couple of baby desert tortoises that we watched closely since they were near the pool. We decided not to let Ed's red-eared slider go swimming in the pool because then we would have all been tempted to join him. Our guest speaker, Dr. Duplissis, has a California desert tortoise of her own and gave us a number of good do's and don'ts.