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    "Pond Happenings"

    October 2003 Newsletter


    OCTOBER MEETING Our October meeting will be on Saturday, October 11, 2003. ***Please note that this will be an evening meeting starting at 6pm*** It will be held at Clyde and Rita Parks' pond in Phoenix. Clyde & Rita became members of GPPS a year and a half ago with the purpose of getting the details for the final planning stages of their pond. It was constructed in September or 2002. The main pond is 9'x9' with a center depth of 3 feet and holds approximately 1350 gallons. The side filtration pond measures 3 feet by 6 feet at a depth of 1 feet and holds about 250 gallons. The waterfall stream is 9 feet long with an approximate drop of 3 feet. Clyde designed the skimmer/filter out of regular household materials like a heavy duty plastic storage container, a small clothes hamper, foam evaporative cooler pads, hair rollers and aspen cooler pads. The pond is home to a variety of plants, two dozen goldfish, a host of mosquito fish and dragonflies. Guest speaker of the month is Lenny Clark from Kona Landscaping. He will discuss pond and landscape lighting covering the various types of products and features, as well as the do's and don'ts to help augment and enhance your environment. Please remember to bring your lawn chairs and any extra plants to share.


    SEPTEMBER MEETING REVIEW The September meeting was held at the Acuna's pond in Queen Creek. Although it was still warm, there was a huge covered patio for shade. It was fun to watch the rooster and his hens roam the yard looking for tidbits in the dirt. The meeting opened and Ed Tunstall gave the treasurers report. President, Dan Stough, reviewed the upcoming meetings. There was a discussion about why the pond tour was so poorly attended this year. Dan suggested that we form a committee to run the pond tour. He said it was too much work to work to be president and run the tour. The suggestion was made to have the vice president be the head of the committee, and that person could enlist as many helpers as they see fit. Dan suggested that next summer we should organize a trip to a cooler area of the state in place of the July or August meeting. Teri Comey reported that she would like to buy and be reimbursed for pond books for our library. The board showed they were in favor by a show of hands. It was suggested that we pay for professional help to fix the message board. The members of the Board agreed. Brad Jones will get estimates on the repair. Dan announced that there will be a December meeting this year on the 6th, the first Saturday of the month instead of the second Saturday. Several people announced that they had fish to give away. Silvia Acuna explained the history, construction and maintenance of her three ponds. One pond had several beautiful pale pink lilies blooming. She said that she is surprised to see how carefree the ponds are to maintain. They go through natural cycles and take care of themselves. She expressed the joy that she and her children receive from learning about the natural wonders of the living species in her pond. Robert Lang from The Pond Perfecter was our featured speaker and he gave an informative talk touching on a variety of topics regarding pond/pool retrofits. He discussed his views on pressurized filtration vs. gravity return filters, aeration and circulation, planters vs. pots, pumps and deciding whether to hire a contractor.