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    "Pond Happenings"

    December 2003 Newsletter


    DECEMBER MEETING Our December meeting will be held on Saturday, December 6, 2003 at 10:00 am. (Note time change and change to FIRST Saturday of the month!) It will be held at Larry & Kaz Tysiac's pond located in Peoria. Dan Stough will lead a discussion on construction how-to's including pond construction staging and construction site safety. There will be an open discussion of construction methods with member participation. The hosts, Larry and Kaz, have two separate ponds. The oldest pond is 3 years old, 1200 gallons and built by a "good-for-nothing" contractor. It has aquatic plants and is home to the smaller koi. The newer pond is two years old, 2400 gallons and was self-built. It has no aquatic plants because it houses the large koi. Larry says that some of the koi are two feet long! Both ponds have waterfalls. The backyard has a tropical feel thanks to the bamboo and other plantings. Please be sure to bring your lawn chairs.


    NOVEMBER MEETING REVIEW As usual, our November meeting was a fun, tasty time! Dan Stough opened the meeting with chairman reports. Ed Tunstall gave the treasurer's report. Teri Comey, the librarian, announced that one book had been purchased for the library and six other books are on order. Dan reported that the pond tour will be held in May instead of June next year and that the vice president will be the chairman of the tour. He then described the duties of each officer. With no nominees for president and treasurer, Dan Stough and Ed Tunstall were re-elected. Clyde Parks was nominated for vice president and Syvia Acuna was nominated for Secretary. Both were elected by a show of hands. Lydia D'Agosto volunteered to take over the website. As a thank-you to this year's meeting hosts and tour hosts, they were allowed to get in line first for the luncheon. We had Honey Bear's BBQ and it was great. Even better were all the desserts that members brought and shared! There was an assortment of cakes, pies, brownies and cookies. The meeting continued after eating and Scott Hazen described the two year project of his pond and bog. He has done EXTENSIVE research on pond construction. His pond had only had water in it for 5 days and occupies a corner behind the pool very nicely. Most of the rocks were collected from an area north of Payson and the waterfall is really beautiful. Scott estimates that the pond has cost him approximately $2500 to build. He designed his own biofilter using a 55 gallon drum. It has bioballs in it and filter media at the top and bottom. Members donated several plants for his pond. Now Scott says he needs to learn about growing aquatic plants! A raffle was held and Bob Newman was the lucky winner of the book "Water Gardens".