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    Sandy Charveze-James

    "Pond Happenings"

    January 2002 Newsletter



    Our first meeting of 2002 will be held on Saturday, January 12th at 10:00 am and will be located at David & Taylor R.'s pond in Paradise Valley. Their two-level pond was built by John Nagle of Paradise Ponds about 3 1/2 years ago and holds about 3000 gallons of water. It's home to many goldfish and mosquito minnows. The members who attended the 2001 pond tour may remember this pond and the extensive vegetable gardens, fruit trees and vines. David and Taylor are so successful with their gardening, they even brought produce to share at the November meeting!

    The guest speaker will be Robert Bettaso, Native Fish Program Manager for the Arizona Game & Fish Department. In addition to an interesting historical overview of Arizona's native fish species, Robert will tell us about a groundbreaking new program that he and his staff are pioneering. Already exceeding their early expectations, they hope to undo the "Catch-22" red tape that is preventing some native species from being bred in privately-owned "refuges" by people like us. Who wouldn't like a colorful, more hardy, native Arizona Pupfish to do the job of their mosquito fish?

    January is also the sixth anniversary of the first meeting of GPPS. Join us for birthday cake and please remember to bring your lawn chairs.


    We had a fantastic attendance for our last meeting of 2001 ? about 80! As some members who attended last year's November meeting pointed out, we had been dressed for winter and some even wore jackets. This year, we were in shorts and seeking out the shade! The meeting was opened, applause was given for the Diamondbacks, the executive committee was introduced and the Treasurer gave his report. It was announced that we had received a nice letter from the Boyce Thompson Arboretum thanking us for our donation in October. Members willing to have a meeting at their house were asked to raise their hands. THANKS GO TO ALL WHO VOLUNTEERED!!! The meeting was turned over to Tom N. and he gave us a short history of their pond and its construction.

    There was a discussion about designing a logo for GPPS. Lydia D'Agosto and Kay Bensen turned in some designs. Brad J. suggested that we use a Great Blue Heron in a circle with a diagonal line across it! 

    Our annual election was held and nominations were requested. Brad J. said that he had been extremely busy and felt that he needed to step down as secretary. Don S. announced that he wanted to step down as Vice President and nominated Brad J. for that position. Brad accepted the nomination. Tom H. volunteered to run for the Secretary position. With no other volunteers or nominations, a vote was held. Brad J. was elected Vice President and Tom H. was elected Secretary. CONGRATULATIONS!

    We had a short question and answer period, discussing lillies taking over Midge R.'s pond and overwintering tropical lillies. The meeting ended and we enjoyed barbecue pork and chicken on buns, three types of salad, beans, chips and cake. Everyone raved about the barbecue from Honey Bear's! Drinda N. was kind enough to place stickers on the bottom of two plates for door prizes. Betty F. won a frog statue and Rosaly N. won a koi doormat!


      Bill J. - Phoenix

      Joe & Diana L. - Scottsdale

      Leo & Jean S. - Tempe (Welcome Back!)

      Time sure flies when we're having fun! I can't believe 2001 is gone and it's time to thank everyone for helping to make GPPS such a special club! I would especially like to thank the 2001 officers ? Don S., Brad J. and Ed T., our newsletter editor ? Emily A., our pond chef ? Kay B., all the pond tour hosts that helped make our tour so successful, pond meeting hosts, everyone that contributed newsletter articles, refreshments, etc. I'm looking forward to another great year in 2002!

      --Dianne E.