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    Sandy Charveze-James

    "Pond Happenings"

    September 2001 Newsletter


    The September meeting will be held on Saturday, September 8 at 9:00 am at Dave and Emily A.'s house in the Ahwatukee Foothills.  About 18 months ago Dave and Emily built two ponds and connected them with a small stream. The ponds are home to several koi, goldfish, turtles, tiny frogs and snails.  Many of the creatures in their pond have been rescued from other ponds. 

    The topic for the meeting is Pond Photography. Dale Kesel, owner of Spectrum Photography, Digital Imaging & Graphic Design in Ahwatukee will be talking about photographing ponds and capturing those special pond moments.  Spectrum Photography does portraits and also has an extensive collection of photos of desert flowers, landscapes, ghost towns, mining camps, Indian ruins, missions and monuments. To find out more about Dale and see a sample of his work, visit his website at 

    Be sure to bring your lawn chairs and any extra plants to share.


    We had good attendance for our August Breakfast/Show & Tell meeting. There was a lot of food ? several types of fruit danish, an assortment of bagels, two types of muffins, cantaloupe, honeydew, strawberries, several juices, and coffee. After everyone had a chance to sample the food, the meeting was opened and the executive committee was introduced.  New members were asked to raise their hands. It was announced that membership now stands at 132 households. 

    It was agreed earlier this year to make a donation to Boyce Thompson Arboretum of 50% of the pond tour profits. The 50% donation would total approximately $1,225. A discussion was held about the donation and after a Treasurer's report, it was voted to donate $1,500. It will be presented to the Arboretum at the October meeting. Brad Jones reported that our microphone is being repaired and will be ready for the September meeting. He suggested that GPPS consider buying a new microphone. This idea was discussed and it was decided to invest in a new microphone system and keep the old one as back-up. 

    Tom H. announced that he brought a large bag full of barley straw and that club members were welcome to take some home. (THANKS, TOM!!) Brad J. brought copies of a list of Pond & Pondside Landscape Plants that he compiled with the help of Justin Campbell, who spoke at our May meeting. (THANKS, BRAD!!) We had some interesting Show & Tell items.  Bert F. brought his famous fertilizer tool. Paula C. brought a toilet brush used for picking string algae out of the pond. Brad J. brought his UV resistant shirt, a water test kit, a deadly-looking 3-pronged tool that he uses to harvest string algae, knee pads and spray sunblock. Dianne E. brought her kitchen shears for pruning, a long handled hook and a floating ring to keep fish food in one place. The Show & Tell items brought up lots of questions and we had a long, very informative question and answer session. 

    Special thanks go to Elaine D. for helping set up the breakfast and also to Jeannine G. for helping with clean up. 

    Jerome & Doris D. - Phoenix
    Joseph P. & Joseph C. - Phoenix
    Stanley R. - Phoenix

    Valley Of The Sun Koi Club
    Valley of the Sun Koi Club is having their annual koi pond tour on Saturday, October 20.  Full details will be in our October newsletter.

    Tucson Pond Tour
    The Tucson Watergardeners' annual tour is coming up Sunday, September 9th, 8am-5pm.

    Tickets are $7 per person, 12 & under free.

    For GPPS members, the easiest place to purchase tickets would be at the Tucson Botanical Gardens, 2150 N. Alvernon.  Take the Grant Exit (west) off I-10 to Alvernon, turn south (right) and the gardens are on the E side (left) of the street, just behind the shopping center.