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    "Pond Happenings"

    May 2001 Newsletter

    The May meeting will be held on Saturday, May 12 at 9:00 am at the Harpers Nursery at 1701 E. Thomas Road in Phoenix. An employee of Harpers will be the featured speaker. Harpers has a display pond, a koi pond and also a growing pond. They sell aquatic plants and also the usual nursery plants. We are looking for a member or two to volunteer to bring refreshments (nothing fancy) to the meeting. Please contact Dianne to volunteer. Harpers has promised us a shady area, but please be sure to bring your lawn chairs.


    If you have plants to share, please post the information on our message board. If you need plants, please post the request on the message board. (

    Dom and Lydia D.'s pond is finally done and it is a beauty!!! It had been under construction for quite a while and was filled in December. It is a string of 3 ponds with a waterfall and a streambed between them. It is constructed of concrete with man-made boulders and fits nicely with their desert landscaping. Dom and Lydia are both very happy with the end result. Dom said he doesn't understand his fish -- none of them want to stay in the uppermost pond! He wonders if they have a little bit of salmon in them. We had a new addition to the meeting -- a portable wireless microphone and amplifier!! With the increased numbers at our meetings, several members had suggested that we invest in sound amplification for our speakers. Brad J. (our computer wiz) started watching eBay and ran across a great deal on a used set-up and grabbed it. I didn't have to yell at the meeting and it seemed like everyone could hear what was going on. We had a quick review of the progress of the pond tour and thanked Ron & Debbie C. and Brad J. for helping to man our display at the Gardening Fair at Harpers Nursery. The meeting was turned over to Laurie R. who gave a thorough explanation and demonstration of dividing and repotting aquatic plants. Like last year, she did a great job. Several types of plants were put through the routines and a healthy mess was created and later cleaned. We had an extra treat this year, because she modeled her chest-waders (they kept her from getting too dirty)! Laurie expertly uses a hack saw and pruners to help divide the plants. Every year I learn something new from watching her demonstration! She also answered several questions from members. THANK YOU, LAURIE! There was an abundance of plants to share at this meeting. Many members went home with a bag full!

    As you know by now, the pond tour will be on Saturday, June 9 from 8 am until 4 pm ? Please help spread the word! A great BIG THANKS go to the 5 tour hosts: David & Taylor R., Tom & Mary S., Jeff & Jan S., Bill & Nick S., and Rich & Ginger W.. Tickets will be sold at the three Harper's Nurseries in Mesa, Scottsdale and Phoenix and also at Baker Nursery in Phoenix. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Boyce Thompson Arboretum. If anyone has suggestions, ideas or questions, please feel free to contact Dianne.