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    "Pond Happenings"

    March 2001 Newsletter


    The March meeting will be held on Saturday, March 10 at 9:00 am (Please note that weíre back to our regular meeting time). The meeting will be held at Larry S.'s house located in Phoenix. Larry just joined the club at the February meeting and heard we were looking for a Phoenix location for March! When he purchased his house about two years ago, the pond was already on the property. It is about 10 years old and was hand dug (as was the swimming pool!!) It is concrete construction and is surrounded by flagstone. There is an upper and lower pond connected by a waterfall. Larry has asked for assistance from GPPS members to help identify his shrubbery and trees ? Iím sure we can give him lots of help! The speaker this month is Shannon McMorran from Tetra Pond Company. She plans to discuss their product lines and go into further detail about UV filters and fish foods. Please bring your lawn chairs and any plants to share. Hope to see you there!


    Another beautiful morning for our meeting! It was sunny but cool and about 62 members attended. The G.ís have a gorgeous pond tucked away on the far side of the house. Entering the backyard, one would never know there was a pond around the corner except for the sound of the waterfalls. Once you turn the corner of the house, youíre in a totally different place. The large pond is about 50 inches deep and there is a 6 foot tall boulder waterfall feeding it. There are many large, beautiful koi living in this pond and two cute bronze statues accentuate it. The water flows from the large pond through a channel about 3 feet wide where plants serve to help filter. From the channel it moves into a smaller pond where there is also a smaller boulder waterfall and koi and goldfish. Andre had a "hospital" set up for the occasional ailing fish - a large aquarium with a heater - where he can isolate it and treat it. The meeting was opened with an introduction of the new officers and a treasurerís report. The pond tour was discussed. We were still looking for more ponds, a chairman, publicity help and someplace to donate a portion of the proceeds. Suggestions were made for the Arizona Science Center, the Boyce Thompson Arboretum and the Hassayampa Nature Conservancy. The meeting was turned over to the host, Andre G., who told us about his pond and koi care. He recommended the book, Koi Health & Disease by Erik L. Johnson DVM - about $40.00 (see The meeting was then turned over to Sterling Hermann from Desert Water Gardens in Salt Lake City. His presentation was about water and the ancient history of water gardens. He brought two types of floating plants as door prizes and Brad J. and Bert & Betty F. were the lucky winners! Gifts were presented to the outgoing officers, Bert & Betty F. and Laurie R.. WE REALLY APPRECIATE THEIR MANY YEARS OF GREAT SERVICE. The meeting ended with Laurie and Helen R. sharing some more barley straw and Kay B. sharing some flyers about plants. We would like to thank the G.ís for hosting the meeting and providing goodies and especially the hot coffee!


    Aquascape Designs, Inc. - Illinois

    Ben B. - Scottsdale

    David & Paula C. - Phoenix

    David & Taylor R. - Paradise Valley

    Larry S. - Phoenix


    Robert and Adrionna L. recently had a baby boy!!


    We just found out that Helen Nash's Pond & Garden Magazine offers a discount to pond club members!!! A one-year subscription (6 issues) is normally $20.00 and club members pay only $15.00. A two-year subscription (12 issues) is normally $35.00 and club members pay $30.00. If interested, mail a check to Pond & Garden, 49 Boone Village, Zionsville, IN 46077 or fax to 317-769-3149 or call toll-free 877-569-1881. Be sure to tell them youíre a member of GPPS.

    2001 POND TOUR

    Hooray! Six central Phoenix ponds have been lined up for the June 9 tour! Our hosts this year are David R., Tom & Mary S., Jeff & Jan S., Larry S., Bill & Nick S. and Rich & Ginger W.. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Huge thank youís also go to everyone else that volunteered their pond ? please try again next year! It looks like the tour travels about 15 miles and is bounded by 35th Avenue, 68th Street, Northern and Camelback Roads. We are still looking for assistance in several areas: chairman, publicity, printing, signs, etc. Contact GPPS President Dianne if you can help.