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    "Pond Happenings"

    June 2001 Newsletter


    Our May 12th meeting was held at the Harper’s Nursery in Phoenix. Although it wasn’t too hot, it was nice that it was held in a shaded area. There is a raised concrete koi pond at the nursery that was built in the 70’s with some huge koi. We were told that some are about 20 years old! There was also a smaller in-ground display pond and a growing pond for selling aquatic plants. The meeting was opened by introducing the executive committee. Ed T., the treasurer, gave his report and then new members were introduced. It was announced that membership is now at 83 households. The pond tour was discussed and Emily A. announced that she is still looking for items to include in our Phoenix Ponding Calendar. Members were asked to volunteer to host meetings and to be put on a phone list to bring refreshments if necessary. Then the meeting was turned over to the speaker, Justin Campbell. He was a Harper’s employee for 13 years and specialized in aquatic plants. He recently started his own business in the landscape/pond field. He talked about common misconceptions of pond building. He gave us some ideas of new plants to try in our ponds and discussed landscaping around the ponds and especially how to cover the edges. After the meeting we enjoyed cookies and beverages supplied by Bert and Betty F.. THANKS, BERT & BETTY!


    The pond tour is on Saturday, June 9 from 8 am - 4 pm. Your tour ticket is included with this newsletter and is for your household only. It contains the addresses of all of the ponds on the tour with directions, descriptions and a large map. It is not necessary to start at pond #1. Your tour can start at any pond and go in any direction that is easiest. Be sure to carry the ticket with you to each pond. Allow about 2 hours to complete the tour - it all depends on how much time is spent at each pond. We have had a meeting at only one of the ponds, so five of them have never been seen! Enjoy your day!


    Bobbi A. - Phoenix

    Nancy G. - Phoenix

    Ronald & Betty R. - Phoenix


    Bert & Betty F. have donated a 30 cup coffee maker to the Society. It will be put to good use at our chilly meetings during the cooler months. Again, THANK YOU, BERT & BETTY!


    Long time member, Helen R., suffered a heart attack on May 17. On May 22, she had a triple bypass and mitral valve replacement. Please keep her in your hearts and prayers for a speedy and complete recovery.


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