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    "Pond Happenings"

    January 2001 Newsletter

    Notes from the President by Diane Evanson

    Dear GPPS Members,

    We had a great year, a successful pond tour and gained LOTS of new members in 2000!

    I would like to thank everyone who helped to make it a great year: the past executive committee members, the new GPPS committee members, the pond tour hosts, the members who hosted meetings, were speakers or supplied refreshments, those who contributed to Pond Happenings (our newsletter), and to all the members who make it such a fun club.

    I am looking forward to another great year in 2001! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and a safe and happy New Year. See you on January 13th!



    After having rain predictions for several days prior, GPPS luck held out and we had a beautiful day for our November 11 meeting. It was a little cool in the shade, so we soaked up the sun (just the opposite of our summer meetings!). The B.'s have a beautiful, natural looking three-tiered pond in a desert backyard. There is a large saltillo patio with a barbecue area and fire pit area that George built. One of the main attractions was the flock of about 50 green lovebirds that come to the feeders at the far end of the patio.  It was a thrill to see so many of them in the wild! 

    The meeting was opened by introducing the officers and the treasurer gave an end of the year recap. Expenses and donations in 2000 totaled $2734.32 while income was $3882.50. Brad J. mentioned to the group that for a fee of about $105 per year, we could get our own "simple" web site address and hosting. There was a short discussion and Bert F. moved that GPPS pay the fee. It was seconded, voted on and passed. Brad will follow through with this and there will be an announcement in a future newsletter once the web site is formed. 

    It was announced that positions were open for Treasurer and Secretary. The outgoing officers outlined the duties of the position. Ed T. volunteered to transfer from the Vice President position to the Treasurer position. Brad J. offered to take over the Secretary position in addition to his duties with the web site and message board. Don S. said that his wife "gave him permission" to be Vice President.  With no other volunteers or nominations, Ed, Brad, and Don were elected. Laurie R. agreed to continue to maintain the photo/scrap album. 

    Helen and Laurie R. brought part of a bale of barley straw and made it available to any member who wanted to take some home to bag and sink in the pond as a deterrent to string algae. Thanks, Helen and Laurie!! 

    We had our new "Question and Answer Time" with topics including ponds that won't grow plants, what happens to plants in the winter, what to use to waterproof a cement pond, the best potting soil, where to buy EPDM liner and koi losing their color. 

    After the business part of the meeting, we all enjoyed submarine sandwiches, several different salads and Millie's delicious desserts and fresh limeade. 


    We're going to do something totally different at the January meeting! I'm sure that a lot of you have come up with creative inventions and ideas to use in your ponding. Please bring your inventions, tools that you have found helpful, products that work well for you, etc. We will share our ideas and go home with new ones! 

    January is also the fifth anniversary of GPPS and there will be a birthday cake to enjoy.  The meeting will be held on Saturday, January 13 at 10:00 am at Rich and Ginger W.'s pond located in Phoenix. Their lush backyard has several hundred feet of falls, ponds and streams and is home to both goldfish and koi. Be sure to bring your lawn chairs and any plants to exchange.

    2001 POND TOUR

    Now that the holidays are over, it's time to start planning for our 2001 Pond Tour! We are looking for members to volunteer their ponds to be included on the tour. We would again like to have 6 ponds. Being a host by having your pond included in the tour is a great experience - you will receive lots of compliments about your pond, answer questions about it, give information about the pond society, etc.  We are also looking for a chairperson to organize the tour. Dianne kept names, numbers, notes, outlines, etc. from last year in order to make the chairperson's job as easy as possible and she will be more than happy to assist. It's not a difficult or time-consuming position - please volunteer.  We will discuss the tour and take pond and chairman volunteers at the January meeting. If you would like to volunteer, but are unable to attend the meeting, please call Dianne.


    Harry C. - Glendale
    Jeff and Jan S. - Phoenix

    2001 DUES

    Dues for the year 2001 will remain at $25.00 per household. Several members that joined at tour time paid the full $25.00 instead of $12.50 for half a year. If you paid the full amount this summer, please pay $12.50 for 2001 and attach a note to your check so that the Treasurer can verify that you overpaid. Please make your check out to the Greater Phoenix Pond Society and bring it to the January meeting or mail it to the Treasurer.