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    Sandy Charveze-James

    "Pond Happenings"

    November 2000 Newsletter


    November is the month for our end-of-the-year get togther!  It will be held at George and Millie B.'s pond in east Mesa and will be held at noon. They have a 900 gallon pond and waterfall.  It is surrounded by desert plantings and boulders.  They have koi and goldfish, but are having a problem getting plants to grow, so we will need to put our  heads together and see if we can help solve their dilemma!  This year, the menu will feature giant submarine sandwiches and the fixin's. Millie, the hostess, has volunteered to make the desserts and supply the beverages!!  If anyone has a specialty or favorite recipe for a side-dish or dessert, feel free to bring it, but it is not required that everyone bring a dish.  GPPS will also supply the plates and utensils, so all you need to bring is a lawn chair and any plants you would like to share.


    (available to members through the "snail-mail" paper newsletter)


    42 members made the trek to Biosphere 2 and everyone seemed to have a good time!  The weather was great and we were seated in chairs overlooking the large 100,000-plus gallon pond containing lots of cattails and lotus.  The meeting began with a quick discussion of the November meeting and elections.  Knowing that everyone was anxious to get on with the "fun stuff," the meeting was turned over to the speaker, Kevin Brandt.  He explained that the rubber lined pond was originally built by Motorola when the area was an "executive retreat".  It consists of a smaller upper pond, short streambed and larger lower pond.  It houses catfish, bass, bluegill, trout and turtles.  After hours, deer, javalina and even bear visit the area.  As a matter of fact, Kevin said that the upper pond has a leak and they believe that a deer hoof was the cause!  After answering a few questions, the group was divided and half went with tour guide, Doug and the other half went with tour guide, Bea.  The tour lasted about 2 hours and we saw and learned a lot.  Most of the members had lunch at the restaurant before heading back to the Valley.

    A photo-tour of our Oct. meeting in Oracle and tour of Biosphere2 is now online.

    Click on this picture to check it out.


    Bob C. - Chandler


    If anyone is interested in ANY of the positions in the club (president, vice president, treasurer or secretary), please feel free to run!  Both the treasurers and the secretary have said that they would like to step down after several years of service and let someone else take over.  Be brave and get involved in this wonderful club!


    It's time to start planning for next year, so if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for meetings or speakers, PLEASE give me a call.  I need all the help I can get!  I'm running out of ideas!  Thanks!  -Dianne