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    Sandy Charveze-James

    "Pond Happenings"

    August 1999 Newsletter

    Yes, it's true! Our August Meeting will be in AIR-CONDITIONED Comfort!!
    It will be held on Saturday, August 14 at 9:00 am at the Desert Botanical Garden at 1201 N. Galvin Parkway in Phoenix. Take the Priest Rd. exit off of the 202 and travel North. Priest turns into Galvin Parkway. Just go to the admissions window and tell them that you are from the GREATER PHOENIX POND SOCIETY and they will direct you. The meeting will be held in the WEBSTER AUDITORIUM. Kevin Smith, who is a gardner and also the pond keeper will be speaking to us about the DESERT BOTANICAL pond. After the presentation we will take a short walk to the pond. (You may want to bring a hat or visor.) The pond is of concrete construction and built to replicate a natural pond. There are separate pools for cattails and rushes. The DESERT BOTANICAL GARDEN is a non-profit organization, therefore, any donations would be greatly appreciated. We have permission to have our plant swap after the meeting. Please do not bring the plants into the auditorium. Just leave them outside the door. No need to bring lawn chairs this month.

    A Note From The President
    Considering the hot weather, we had a great turn out for the July meeting. 28 BRAVE souls endured the heat!! Steve Enteman of COUNTRY GARDENS AQUATIC NURSERY spoke about container water gardening. It was very interresting and he had lots of good ideas. It made me want to put some water and plants in a barrel, but I had to remind myself that my pond is enough - for now!

    Welcome New Members!
    Dennis & Gloria B. - Glendale
    Joseph & Mary Ann B. - Scottsdale

    Featured Plant
    Lemon Bacopa (Bacopa caroliniana
    This unique marginal plant has small elliptical leaves, highlighted by tiny ball-shaped blue flowers. Lemon bacopa can grow well in a variety of water depths from totally submerged to barely underwater. It is a creeping plant that looks wonderful in clusters. It winters over and is usually listed as being hardy zones 9-11. One of the most striking features of the lemon bacopa is the scent of the foliage, this strong fragrance is reminiscent of eucalyptus.